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About us

We provide a service to any industry or individual that requires some sort of refrigeration application. We specialize in used or second hand equipment. It is the aim of this company to provide a service that connects the buyer to the seller and ensures that all parties are treated fairly. It is the duty of USED COOLING to supply technical data to all the products that are shown on this web site.

Product Certification:

All goods for export will be locally tested e.g. effiency tested, pressure tested etc to the best of our abilities, for peace of mind. It is our duty to ensure all export documentation e.g. C.I.F, proforma invoices etc are professionally processed to the standard required buy the buyer. (Or as other wise stated)


The combined years of experience that the directors jointly have accumulated are more than 50 years. This experience covers all the fields in the refrigeration trade from, consulting, design, engineering, manufacturing, installing, sales, maintenance etc.

(You are in good hands)

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